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15 Coziest Abundance Aliment Recipes

Despite the freezing temps and too-short days, the best allotment of winter is the aliment the comes forth with it. We're talking soups and stews, buttery casseroles, abominable pastas, and more. Actuality are our admired abundance aliment recipes!

Chicken pot pie biscuits with gravy in a pan.

Chicken Pot Pie with Biscuits

Sautéed shallots and thyme, a burst of white wine, buttery chicken, peas, and carrots all broiled beneath a bootleg biscuit topping. YUM.

chicken, carrots, shallots, celery, peas, flour, butter

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie in pan with spoon.

Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie

Saucy mushrooms, carrots, and peas topped with buttery mashed potatoes. Absolute aliment meets abundance food!

mushrooms, carrots, peas, shallots, amazon paste, beginning herbs, potatoes, butter

A bowl filled of Rigatoni with Sausage and Kale with a wooden spoon over it.

Date Night Rigatoni with Sausage and Kale

AMAZING rigatoni with sausage, kale, amazon chrism sauce, Parmesan, and red pepper flakes. Absolute for date night!

rigatoni, Italian sausage, fennel, Parmesan cheese, kale

Mashed potatoes on a plate.

Best Burning Pot Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes fabricated in the Burning Pot! They are so creamy, so fluffy, and SO GOOD. From alpha to accomplishment in 30 minutes, all in one pot!

potatoes, butter, olive oil, chrism cheese

Vegetarian Swedish Meatballs in pan with gravy.

Vegetarian Swedish Meatballs

These little meatballs are fabricated with agrarian rice and mushrooms and they are served up in a simple and agreeable amber gravy. Yum!

wild rice, mushrooms, acerb cream, breadcrumbs, Greek yogurt

Elbow macaroni pasta covered in cheese sauce.

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese – fabricated with aloof 5 absolute aliment ingredients. This is SO ABUNDANT BIGGER (and easier) than any mac and cheese I’ve anytime had! Unreal.

pasta, butter, accomplished milk, disconnected cheese

Caprese Grilled Cheese being pulled apart.

Loaded Caprese Broiled Cheese

This Caprese Broiled Cheese is loaded with basil pesto, a blubbery and beefy garlic adulate amazon sauce, and beginning mozzarella cheese, all on broiled sourdough bread.

mozzarella cheese, sourdough bread, butter, pesto, tomatoes

Chicken Tetrazzini baked in a pan with wooden spoon.

Chicken Tetrazzini

Comfort aliment classic! Egg noodles, sautéed mushrooms, buzz craven all broiled calm with a béchamel sauce.

chicken, egg noodles, mushrooms, flour, butter, cream

Creamy Potato Soup in bowl with a spoon.

Basic Alarming Buttery Potato Soup

So simple and all-homemade, with carrots, celery, potatoes, milk, butter, flour, and bacon. Absolute abundance aliment with no canned cream-of-anything soups.

potatoes, bacon, butter, mirepoix, milk

Beef Stew in a pot.

Life Alteration Burning Pot Beef Stew

Beef Bouillon fabricated in an Burning Pot! 6 ingredients, 45 minutes, SO EASY.

beef, onion, celery, carrots, tapioca pearls, amazon juice

Sweet Potato Tater Tot Hotdish in a skillet before baking.

Southwest Candied Potato Tater Tot Hotdish

This candied potato tater tot hotdish is a ambrosial aberration on the aboriginal – loaded with peppers, corn, atramentous beans, bootleg queso sauce, and tots! YUM!

bell peppers, poblano peppers, corn, atramentous beans, pepperjack cheese, mushrooms

Sunday chili in a bowl with a spoon.

Sunday Chili

A winter weekend essential! Thick, hearty, slow-simmered chili makes for the BEST abundance aliment (and leftovers)!

ground beef, bacon, ashamed tomatoes, carrots, onion, beans

A spatula lifting up enchiladas verdes.

Simple Enchiladas Verdes

Enchiladas Verdes, with a simple bootleg broiled tomatillo booze that will accomplish your tastebuds bedrock out. Additional craven and cheese and tortillas. Cool yum.

chicken, disconnected cheese, tomatillos, acerb cream, jalapeños

Creamy Tomato Lasagna Florentine on a plate with a fork.

Creamy Amazon Lasagna Florentine

This Buttery Amazon Lasagna Florentine is so deliciously abating and simple. Noodles, amazon sauce, and a buttery appearance layer!

lasagna noodles, Parmesan cheese, spinach, cottage cheese, amazon sauce

Instant Pot Wild Rice soup in bowl with spoon.

Instant Pot Agrarian Rice Soup

The BEST agrarian rice soup. So buttery and simple and accessible in an hour. Absolute for fall/winter nights!

wild rice, mushrooms, celery, onions, carrots

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